Nigel Wearne


Nigel Wearne is a singer-songwriter, luthier, poet and gleaner. Equipped with personally handcrafted instruments, he melds finger-style guitar, ‘up’-hammer banjo, folk and honest storytelling. He paints lyrical pictures with “the narrative-fuelled prose of Paul Kelly” – Beat Magazine. “Warmth flecked with grit…beauty awaits” 4 Stars – Rolling Stone.



Saturday January 11th

9:30 AM
Carmel Hall
5:30 PMconcert starts 1:30 PM
Willie Smith's Paddock Stage

Sunday January 12th

12:00 PMconcert starts 10:00 AM
Port Cygnet Cannery


Sunday January 12th

2:30 PM to 3:45 PM
Workshop Room 3


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