The Stetson Family


The Stetson Family walk the line between alt-country and Bluegrass, bringing with them a certain kind of joy with their performances that they share with their audiences. The band have recently clocked up 10 years, with three albums under their belt and a new one on the way!

Bluegrass/AmericanaFolk RootsSinger-Songwriter


Friday January 10th

10:00 PMconcert starts 6:00 PM
Willie Smith's Paddock Stage

Saturday January 11th

9:00 PMconcert starts 7:00 PM
Red Velvet Lounge

Sunday January 12th

3:00 PMconcert starts 12:00 PM
Cygnet Ex-Servicemen's Club


Saturday January 11th

4:30 PM to 5:45 PM
Workshop Room 3


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