The Porch Syndicate


The Porch Syndicate perform original music drawing influences from a variety of folk genres, including bluegrass, Irish and Australian folk. The music can be ethereal and explore contemporary themes or get toes tapping with the combination of guitar, cello and fiddle driving an original and rich sound. The Porch Syndicate will be joined by two special guests. The Reverend Jeremiah Rowdy and Mrs Rowdy, who will be in Cygnet; searching for their holy grail, a honky tonk bar rumoured to exist somewhere in Southern Tasmania. There they are hoping to worship and pay homage to the great Hank Williams. The Reverend and Mrs Rowdy always travel with their guitar and double bass and their fine singing voices, so be prepared for a honky tonk hoe down.


Saturday January 13th12:00 PMSweet Sounds on a Saturday MornWillie Smith's Paddock Stage
Sunday January 14th 5:30 PMThe Last in LoonganaLoongana Park Stage


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