Cygnet has a reputation for providing a space for local Tasmanian artists, who face challenges due to the remote nature of the island. The financial benefits for artists, combined with the opportunity to perform at such a well regarded festival, assists in buoying the local and national music scene.

Artistic Director Erin Collins reflects on the importance of Australian music priority in festival line-ups. “Folk festivals have a reputation of being friendly and inclusive events, but like all in the music industry we are also acutely aware of our responsibilities in supporting our amazing Australian artists. We have the opportunity as programmers to showcase great Australian acts to our audiences alongside their possibly more well-known international peers. We also have the potential to showcase and recommend them to other programmers, agents and venue managers in the industry.”

“The calibre of musicianship in this country is world class so any sort of cultural cringe is, in my opinion, poor judgement. Musicians of all genre are well represented in this country, as one would expect from a land predominantly of settlers from all over the world. In addition to seasoned performers who have well and truly earned their place in the Australian music scene, the talent and musicianship displayed by many younger performers will surely mean that the future of the Australian music scene is in good hands.”


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